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Who We Are

Rudi, CEO of LegendHasIT, likes to lean forward pushing the boundaries of innovation. He was once told that he leaned “violently forward”. Although meant as a joke it has become a mantra of the company.
Why does cyber security or technology have to be intimidating?
Why does it have to be expensive or out of reach? Why can’t solutions be cost effective and of substance? At LegendHasIT we never settle for the status quo. Where others look to catch the next wave, we instead look to be the wave – leaning violently forward into tomorrow.

How We Work

We began by providing our forward leaning Cyber Security services to small to medium businesses (SMBs). Since then, we have expanded services to Research and Development, Blockchain technologies, IoT design and implementation, IT and Information Security consulting, and Cyber Security Education.

LegendhasIT worries about the technology while the business owner focuses on doing what they do best, running their business.

We approach problems methodically and without fluff, making sure we don’t blitz our customers with terminology that they don’t understand.

forward leaning Cyber Security


With our forward leaning technology and expertise, we monitor the activities of the most exposed IT assets of your business, endpoints, and email, to protect your brand, your information, and your customers effectively and efficiently from advanced cyber threats.

Managed Endpoint Security

We protect your devices by deploying our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution across all platforms so you have assurance that quick action will be taken on security incidents. EDR is an emerging technology addressing the need for continuous monitoring and response to advanced threats. Our EDR applications allow our dedicated analyst to work for you by sifting through anomalies, analyzing external and insider threats.

  • Priced per user (includes user desktop, laptop, virtual machines, etc.)
  • Includes next generation anti-virus protection for workstations and servers
  • We can deploy and protect across all platforms (MacOS, Windows and Linux in cloud or on-premises)
  • File Integrity monitoring
  • Host based intrusion detection
  • Periodic reports for your records
  • Meets many monitoring requirements for regulatory compliance

Managed Email Security

We safeguard your business communications with our email protection platform that is monitored by our dedicated analyst, so your communications are protected from both internal and external threats. Email attacks are evolving at the speed of the internet. Our platform keeps up with attackers by providing real time filtering, detection, and blocking of spam, phishing, and malware as well as identification of risky insiders.

  • Priced per inbox
  • Company data exfiltration
  • Includes phishing and spam filtering
  • Malware detection and blocking
  • User reporting mechanisms for suspect emails
  • Business email compromise detection
  • Phishing training exercises to measure employee ability to identify malicious communications
  • Meets many monitoring requirements for regulatory compliance

Services Calculator

Simple pricing that fits your business needs.

  • Endpoint Security -per PC/MacOS – $12
  • Endpoint Security – per Server – $25
  • Email Security – per Inbox $8

Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

With our passion to be violently forward this is where LegendHasIT truly shines. We will not merely provide a service but will flex our forward leaning muscles and become an active team member of your C-suite. We are dedicated to fulfilling the strategic needs, policies, and objectives of your organization by providing relevant and realistic technical solutions. Our operators are well versed with practical engineering, research, development, and security consultation experience and stay up to date with the latest emerging technologies such as Blockchain. Our pricing, services, and deliverables are customizable to your specific needs to enable your business
to reap the benefits of a high performing CTO without the associated cost.


We specialize in creating and maintaining secure, cost-effective systems. Our IT security engineers possess extensive experience with a wide range of systems, encompassing everything from legacy technology to cutting-edge innovations, including IoT and cloud solutions. When building your system, we prioritize your best interests, ensuring compliance, robust security, and system hardening. Our approach involves implementing technological processes and solutions through secure development and operational models that have been proven effective.

Research and Development

We design and integrate information technologies to tackle your unique problems and make your visions come to life. Not only do we create tangible products in our lab environment but are adept at writing concisely to those solutions with technical and non-technical audiences in mind. LegendhasIT faces challenges head on by learning how things work, how to break them, and put them back together.


We facilitate seamless adoption of Blockchain technology and bring the right mix of capabilities to your unique needs, strategic vision, challenges, and infrastructure. Owing to our experience across major Blockchain platforms and having served various industries, we bring a strong practice of mature production implementations to put your business ahead of the curve in Web3.0 technologies.


We address your organization’s unique challenge of aligning security and business objectives to develop robust security programs. Our operators and analysts have experience in NIST, ISO, HIPPA, SOX, and many other regulatory standards. We adeptly assess and guide remediation of cyber security compliance requirements to help you understand relevance of controls and provide a roadmap of time and budget to areas that add real value and reduce risk.

informed decisions


With our highly skilled and experienced Cyber Operators, we assess your environment from all angles whether internal or external. We use the same tools, tactics, and techniques as the enemy to thoroughly review the security posture of your business to show you what is in the cross hairs of the attacker. We assess your exposure, vulnerabilities, and risk to provide your business with the information needed to secure your information and protect your business.

We perform external recon from the attacker’s point of view. Highlighting external attack surfaces and expose easy entry points so you can strengthen defensive perimeters and improve your security posture.

  • Starting at $1200
  • Provide public facing asset mapping
  • Detailed finding assessment
  • Corrective action recommendations
  • Summary reporting
  • Meets 3rd party assessment requirements for regulatory compliance

We provide vulnerability assessments of web applications, Internet connected servers and Internet connected network ranges. Highlighting your most vulnerable assets so you can effectively plan and prioritize mitigation efforts.

  • Contact us for pricing
  • Multiple targets can be included in one assessment with adjustment of granularity as the number of targets expand
  • Custom pricing options are available for a large number of Internet endpoints assessed
  • Provide detailed vulnerability reporting
  • Summary Reporting
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Meets 3rd party assessment requirements for regulatory compliance

We conduct risk assessments to define the current security conditions so management can make informed decisions and appropriate investments. Risk-based decisions are the basis of almost every compliance standard. Once you have perspective on your risks, you can adapt your security program, deploy the appropriate technology, and better plan future investments.

  • Starting at $2500
  • Provide Context Validation
  • Modeling validation
  • Summary Reporting
  • Implementation planning

We know the Realm of Cyber Threats. Intimately and from all angles.

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